Beauty Operation – A “Possible Mission”: fight the force of gravity and stop the flow of time on our body

Beauty for all ages is the objective that the Hotel Savoia Thermæ & SPA has always aimed for, dedicating an area of 1,000 sqm to the best aesthetic treatments for him and for her. We believe that being state-of-the-art, allows us to achieve excellent results and to be able to maintain them for longer.

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Three paths proposed in our Beauty Farm:


Easy Beauty

We lay the foundations of timeless beauty, taking care of our skin.
Paths to size of coin purse, dedicated to the cleansing of face and body skin and subsequent specific nourishment / hydration according to individual needs. Indicated as a preparatory phase for all beauty programs, sun exposure and deserved “beauty pampering”.


Green Beauty

Integral cosmetics with natural formulations with zero environmental impact.
For those who prefer absolutely natural treatments, without parabens, paraffins, petrolatum or ethyl alcohol, we offer real Beauty Foods: Face and body rituals with a targeted action, rich in pure phytoextracts and decidedly greedy.


HiTech Beauty

Immediate lifting, anti-aging, slimming and firming effect with no-invasive treatments.
A step under the aesthetic medicine, our treatments carried out with cutting-edge technology and innovative products by qualified beauticians, are designed according to the specific needs and results that you want to obtain, visible from the first session. No fillers, no injections, no implants, no pain.



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When is it best to book treatments?
We recommend reserving the time of your therapies or treatments for free before your arrival. Send an email to or call this number (+39)0498231111.”


We choose only the best:



Beauty comes from within.

This simple principle is the basis of endocosmesis, the final frontier of the beauty products to which the Hotel Savoia Thermae & SPA dedicates its own line of cosmetics: B&B® Bellezza & Benessere.
The new products are designed to stimulate the natural skin regeneration processes.
Making the formula even surer is the very high concentration of active ingredients, which allows visible and stable improvements over time.A complete line for a fount of wellness that lets the original radiance of the skin bloom naturally.



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Marzia Clinic ®

Synonym for quality and image

We chose Marzia Clinic® because it is a professional cosmetics company characterized by an innovative laboratory R&D (Research and Development), an internal production entirely Made in Italy with 100% natural raw materials of excellence and latest generation functional active ingredients.

clean beauty

Have you ever heard of Clean Beauty?
It is the new cosmetic trend that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It grew out of an idea based on the concept of cleansing, that is, to get rid of everything that may be superfluous and excessive and to focus on what is really essential and healthy for your own health and that of others. The “clean” products, unlike conventional products, are all made from ingredients of natural origin and are therefore safer for skin and health as they are free of chemicals that are potentially harmful, irritant, toxic or environmentally harmful.

SLES, SLS, silicones, dyes, parabens, sulfates, chemical filters, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances … have you ever heard of them? It is precisely these elements that must be permanently removed with real cleaning.
For this reason, Marzia Clinic® is a leader in realizing a clean beauty, the Clean Beauty 3.0, which consists only of natural ingredients and highlights the unique and wonderful beauty of every woman.
Why 3.0? Simple, because Marzia Clinic® combines clean philosophy with the effectiveness of aromatherapy, which together make it possible to create a harmonious balance between mind and skin.
A real development towards an increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable cosmetics. Every step towards the world of Clean Beauty 3.0 counts: for you, for those you love, for your skin, for your health and for the environment.



The strength of Km 0 elements

Il Termalismo Globale® (Global Thermalism) is the new frontier in wellness, it is the style of Hotel Savoia Termæ & SPA: a new thermal offer that intertwines the skilful Salus per Aquam method and everything of the most avant-garde in the world of wellness. Clay, thermal water, algae and atmosphere: an essential union for the wellbeing of the body and fundamental substance for the soul.Thermalcolours comes from a thousand-year-old tradition and from ABANOSPA®‘s most advanced aesthetic scientific treatment research , it’s our new thermal wellbeing line. Products made with natural extracts, born from the uniqueness of the Therme Euganean Spas mud and enriched with the flavours found in the Natural Park of the Euganean Hills. Unique and certified coloured clay compounds that will be applied exclusively in specialized departments of Euganean SPA hotels.

The Plus:

  • Certified products that have 4 patents, three regarding the algae and one on the mud transformation procedure; a value that cosmetic companies can rarely boast
  • Glamorous environment completely renovated
  • Aromatherapy and chromo therapy combined with the chosen treatment
  • Ergonomic seat in the thermal bath











Operation Beauty also at the table

If you wish to undertake a detoxifying, reducing / modeling path, our suggestion is not to limit the program to the Beauty Farm alone, but to review the eating habits and daily life. During your stay at the Savoia Thermae & SPA you can opt for a low-calorie diet, assisted by sessions with our Personal Trainer. A few days will be enough to acquire new good habits to continue then home!